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We are building Mech Infinity because we are passionate about creating video games. It is what we love  and we understand that Blockchain based video games is the future of gaming.  A future where USERS are the real owners of the games. A future in which users can play, buy and control their own assets as well as be rewarded for their effort and skill.  
Thanks to organizations such as Sky Mavis, who empower Users to become owners or their data and digital activity, that future is closer than ever.
We understand what Axie Infinity and its community represents for the future of the video gaming industry and we would love to impart our experience, energy and effort toward the collective future of video gaming.

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First and foremost, a video game should be fun and enjoyable.

It should have adequate revenue sources to provide liquidity so equilibrium could be maintained. In fact, maintaining in-game economies should be at the core of games with rewards.

Mech Infinity, from its inception, will be designed entirely in an ecosystem that will favors the eSport rollout.

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What is Mech Infinity?


Mech Infinity is a Battle Royal video game based on the Axie Infinity universe in which the Users/Holders of Axies can acquire Axies Mech and participate in epic battles with chance to win rewards in cryptoassets, such as SLP, AXS, or NFT.

Axie Mechs will be the core of the game, they will have different base bodies just like there are different types of Axie (Beast, Bug, Mech, Plant, Reptile, Dusk, Aqua, Bird, Dawn). Axies can only use an Axie Mech if they are the same type.

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Mech Infinity
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How to get a Mech?


The Mystery Box is the way in which you can access incredible Mech, weapons and pieces of great value for the game. There will be two main Mystery Boxes: Big Mystery Box and Small Mystery Box although more types may be added depending on seasons or game design adjustments.

Big Mystery Box

These boxes will be the ones that allow players to acquire Axie Mechs with the necessary weapons and parts to be able to participate in battles. Big Mystery Boxes show the type of Axie Mech they contains and are obtained from the Marketplace with AXS. Also can be get as in-game rewards, and from special events.

Small Mystery Box

The Small Mystery Boxes will have game elements such as pieces, skins, stickers and other objects, these boxes can be obtained in the Marketplace through SLP or AXS, they can also be acquired by winning games while advancing on the Trophy Route.

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Where do the Mechs fight?


The NFT Lands will be the structural unit in Mech Infinity, there the Battle Arenas, Training Arenas and Mech Garages will be created also there is where the professional eSport circuits will work.

The Lands can be acquired in the Marketplace by an individual user or in association with others, to be leased, exploited or sold freely in the community.


Ecological Mechanism

We understand that our planet needs help for its conservation so any contribution will be appreciated by future generations. Therefore, we strive to incorporate elements that show respect towards nature in Mech Infinity.

Our strategy is that each land sold contains a number of decorative trees that cannot be removed as a show of respect but, we are going to go further and make each tree in Mech Infinity have its real world equivalent since we will collaborate with a specialized foundation to achieve it.

Each digital tree that is created will plant one in the real world.


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Roll-out of the project will take place in three general phases

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Video game roll-out
Land, construction and role
Competitive system

Phase 1: Video game roll-out

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Trazado 619_edited.png
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Mesa de trabajo – 1.png
Mesa de trabajo – 1.png
Mesa de trabajo – 1.png
Mesa de trabajo – 1.png

Q1 2022: Start of development
Q2 2022: Launch of the Web andWhite Paper
Q3 2022: Complete prototype

Q4 2022: Launch of the MVP
Q4 2022: Alpha version released
Q1 2023: Launched
ent of the Beta version
Q3 2023: Full release

Q3 2023: Launch of the Marketplace
Q3 2023: Large Mystery Box Sale (NFT)

This roadmap is subject to changes due to program roll-out by Sky Mavis

What is so special?



Personalize your Axie Mech

Create, improve and personalize your Axie Mech with different weapons, skills, body armor and cosmetics, allowing Users to play different roles in the Arenas in great ways.



Users will find garages that house the Axie Mechs, Guilds, Arenas, and others elements that will add depth and enjoyment of Mech Infinity.



Competitions will be the driving force behind Mech Infinity. They will be embedded in the design of the game in order to execute the functional structure of eSports within the ecosystem.

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Quema de SLP

How to contribute to the treasure ?

SLP Treasury 

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Every transaction made on SLP will contribute to the community treasury as follows:


35 %

Marketing and Advertising

35% of revenue generated from paid videos will go towards purchasing SLPs from the marketplace to add to the community treasury.

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5 %


A 5% tax will be charged for the possession and use of the land, in case of not using the land, a monthly 1% of its value will be charged. The total of this tax will go to the treasury of the community.


10 %

Batlle Poll

In Axie Mech battles, users will need to make a battle deposit with SLP to create a prize pool before each battle begins, from which 10% will go to the community treasury.

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2 %


3% of all transactions made with SLP in Axie Infinity Marketplace will be sent to treasury.

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Inicio: Equipo
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Who are we?

The team behind this project is ConWiro.  A video game studio comprised of individuals with over 5 years of experience on video game development, and whose love and passion for creating video games may be equaled but never superated.


Rafael Martínez

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

CEO/Founder – ConWiro


Javier Domínguez

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

CTO/Founder – ConWiro


Orestes Suarez

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

Director of Art

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Grupo 1268_edited.png

Lázaro Piñol

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

2D Artist


Aniel Ramos

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

Unity Developer


Alejandro González

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

Lead Back-end engineer

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