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Multiplayer - Esport - Free to Play



Mech Infinity is a revolutionary Free to Play MOBA video game with a focus on Esports that revalues users' gameplay hours, empowers Esport clubs and creates new monetization channels for its users.


A video game company discovers a new digital dimension and a planet called C0W1R0 with nine different regions. They manage to rebuild some Mechs with technology from the planet. The company's players take advantage of them to engage in Mech combat in which they obtain valuable items that they can take out into the real world to trade. Intense competition between pilots and guilds in search of glory and wealth. 


Immerse yourself in Mech Infinity and prove your worth in this high-tech world!

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The main characters of Mech Infinity are the Mechs, they are composed of a base body that defines their class and four parts: right hand, left hand, shoulders and back, being able to equip parts of any class giving a high degree of customization for each strategy.


Mechs are manned by Pilots of the same class. Pilots add features that allow you to achieve a combination for each game mode.

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Fragments of Chips

Chip Fragments are valuable treasures in World of Mech Infinity! 

By combining them with the Research Drone, you will create incredible Mech Parts. Each Fragment is unique and contains vital information from a specific Part. Complete the collection of necessary Fragments, link them with resources and create amazing Mech Parts.

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Mech Parts are valuable items that can be converted into NFT if the player wishes. They possess diversity in the class, level, rarity and stats they give to the Mech. The four parts that attach to the body give the Mech an attribute specific to the part and unique abilities that follow a pattern depending on the position where it is attached.

Get ready for an exciting adventure and build the most powerful machines ever seen!

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The nine regions of the Planet are divided into Earth plots. Join a Guild (Club de Esport) of a region and participate in exciting battles in Arenas.  The Rarity of the Land determines the size of the Guild (Club de Esport) and the availability of spaces to build Arenas.

 Prove your worth in this exciting world of combat and strategy!



Structure where all Mech Inifity matches take place. The Arena has advertising spaces where the Embedded Advertising observable from the games will be shown.

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The Mech League in Mech Infinity offers a unique competitive experience to attract and retain players, generating revenue for Esport Clubs (Guilds), Competitors, Sponsors and ConWiro! Prove your skills, fight for glory and become a Mech Infinity legend!  Explain with a diagram the competitive ecosystem, and the flow from amateur to professional.

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Our studio, ConWiro, is dedicated to developing the next generation of video games, merging the best of the Web2, Web3 and Esports ecosystem. Our goal is to provide users with an innovative experience that elevates the value of their gaming hours, generating revenue for both our company and the users themselves.

Fair Rewards Policy

We share a percentage of the profits generated in the game with the community in the form of rewards in tournaments, seasons and other things. In this way we are recognizing the players' contribution to the success of the game.

Exchange System

The bidirectional exchange channel in Mech Infinity allows players to trade and exchange assets in our marketplace, thus providing a monetary value to items obtained in the game through progression or purchases in the IAP.

Progression for Esport

A clear progression from amateur player level to professional provides players with a clear and tangible goal to achieve. The goal is to foster competition, a strong community and innovative forms of income for the community.

Inicio: Team


The team behind this project is ConWiro.  A video game studio comprised of individuals with over 5 years of experience on video game development, and whose love and passion for creating video games may be equaled but never superated.


Rafael Martínez

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CEO/Founder – ConWiro


Javier Domínguez

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

CTO/Founder – ConWiro


Orestes Suarez

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

Director of Art


Lázaro Piñol

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2D Artist


Aniel Ramos

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Unity Developer


Alejandro González

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Lead Back-end engineer

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